Pharmaceutical activities


VIPHARCO is a pharmaceutical wholesaler company who is specialized in the exportation of medicines,
pharmaceutical specialties towards the vietnamese market.

The company relies on major local distributors in order to reach all hospitals in the North, South and
Centre region of Vietnam. Our clients have all express, over the years, their confidence in VIPHARCO
capacity to meet their requirements. VIPHARCO operates since the early 80's.

Moreover, VIPHARCO always focus on high quality in the selection of its supplier. Indeed the majority
of them belongs to the European and the North American market, a guarantee of high level standards.

VIPHARCO is also recognized by french laboratories to be expert in Authorization License registration procedure lead until delivery.

For further information on VIPHARCO Pharmaceutical activities, please contact our customer representatives at : / +33 (0)1 64 53 16 64