Vipharco profile


VIPHARCO is a company in :

  • French pharmaceutical, drugs and consummable products;
  • Medical and Laboratory equipment;

Our Mission________________________________

To deliver health complete solution in pharmaceutical products and medical equipments towards Asian market. Ever since 1989, our technicians are trained in Europe for the installation and the maintenance of the medical and laboratory equipment. VIPHARCO has now became a leading provider in the medical/hospital area in Vietnam. VIPHARCO is represented with an office in HO CHI MINH CITY.

Company Profile____________________________

Created in 1982, VIPHARCO , a french wholesaler, has focused its activities on the medical field. Through its satellite companies, VIPHARCO has distributed a large range of medical devices: IVD - In Vitro Diagnostic in Hematology, Biochemical, Immunology and sutures. VIPHARCO has also gained its legitimacy during 3 decades in drugs exportation in Vietnam where it has been a major supplier for almost all Hospitals.

Company History____________________________
VIPHARCO has built its credibility and its extensive expertise in the health market since the early 80's

  • 1982 : Creation of VIPHARCO
  • 1986 : Acquisition of LISABIO (In vitro diagnostic)
  • 1991 : Acquisition of HYCEL (In vitro diagnostic)
  • 1992 : Merger of HYCEL and LISABIO (Merger under the name of HYCEL - GROUPE LISABIO)
  • 2000 : VIPHARCO sells HYCEL DIAGNOSTIC to BIOCODE and act as share holder
  • 2007 : BIOCODE HYCEL is bought by Immunodiagnostic Systems Ltd